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MILLFORD "WHATMAN" WATERCOLOUR PAPER 300g 76 x 56 - Професионален акварелен ръчен картон 100% памук # Made in England


Millford is a watercolour paper developed by St Cuthberts Mill. It is styled on the discontinued Whatman™ watercolour paper, after artists grieved the loss of this unique type of watercolour paper. It is mould made from 100% cotton (just like the original Whatman™), and its superb surface is created using natural woollen felts. It is deliberately created to have a high resistance to water, so it’s washes perform very differently to traditional watercolour papers. (Whatman™ is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare Companies)

  • Производител: St CUTHBERTS
  • Тегло: 0.100 кг
Цена: 7.50лв.
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