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# BASTEL KLEBER - Crafter's Glue

Price: €296
Keeps together what belongs together. Small loops are glued together, and huge amounts of paper and cardboard are glued together as well. Fabric rests and favourite textiles stick together, and little felt figures emerge – with the KREUL Handicraft glue, the crafting afternoon is saved. If the daubs are dry, one can hardly see anything, because the glue seems transparent. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to bringing together as many different materials as possible: paper, cardboard, textiles, felt, bast, leather, cork, wood, polystyrene and much plastics – the water-based KREUL Handicraft glue does not stick, does not smell and is free of solvents.
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Characteristic For gluing paper, cardboard, textiles, felt, leather, cork, wood, glass, dried and silk flowers, polysterene and many other plastics Water-based Dries transparent Solvent free