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NEW Scrapbooking - STAMPERIA & Laserowe LOVE, Lexi Design

STAMPERIA as a brand was launched in 1995, when in Italy and in other parts of the world clear knowledge about the hobby world was still scarce. The first collection included stencils, stamps, acrylic paints as well as decoupage papers and rice paper – a sensational novelty at the time as Stamperia was the first company in the world to print on rice paper.


Laserowe LOVE is a leading Polish manufacturer of scrapbooking paper, chipboards, stamps and HDF bases with the representatives in over 25 countries around the world.  

We aim to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with the highest quality of our products. Laserowe LOVE is an expert on laser cut. The chipboards are cut out with absolute precision, and even on the most meticulous designs you will not find any scorch marks. This is the reason why we won the contest for the “Master of Laser 2018”.   

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