CANSON CAGRAIN 180g A3 - Блок смесена техника 30л A3

Цена: 2569лв.

Canson® "C" à grain® - Рисувателен картон 180g/m2 Идеален за: Пастели, Моливи, Въглени Също подходящ за: Темепра, Мастила, Тушове и маркери

Canson® "C" à grain

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Manufactured using only alpha cellulose, it contains absolutely no lignin which might result in yellowing of the paper over time. This naturally white paper, with no optical brightness additives, acid-free and permanent, meets all the requirements of the ISO 9706 standard. It is stock and surface-sized, enabling it to withstand repeated erasing or scraping without flaking. An all-round paper it is suitable for all dry techniques and certain wet techniques such as ink and gouache. canson gagrain 224